Why is the Teatle so special?

The Teatle has been developed to fulfill one purpose - to be GENUINELY SIMILAR to a natural breast. You might have heard this claim over and over again to be then disappointed by reality, but it will not happen this time! The Teatle is built with the unique and innovative REALATCH™ technology and it has a soft and pliable texture which makes it the closest thing to breastfeeding ever made to date. You will need just one simple squeeze to realize how wonderfully soft it is!


Why does all of this matter so much?

It is important because it makes a great deal of difference for your baby and for you. Baby bottle refusal and nipple confusion are not funny topics for a lot of parents. Conventional baby bottles have a much harder texture than a natural breast and they come with a specific shape. Your baby must adjust to that shape to latch on it, but when this doesn't happen, you are left with a problem if you cannot breastfeed all the time. The Teatle, like a natural breast, is soft enough and specifically designed to allow your baby to find a NATURAL, COMFORTABLE and BESPOKE LATCH. The Teatle will adjust to your baby, not the other way around! 

Isn’t this amazing?


Does the Teatle have any other advantages?

Yes! As the Teatle allows you to feed your baby in a NATURAL way, it will encourage breastfeeding alongside bottle-feeding. You might know that sometimes babies do not go back to the breast after being introduced to baby bottles. This happens because breastfeeding and bottle-feeding are vastly different and the baby has to adjust from one to the other in order to use both. By using the Teatle you will be able to switch from breast to bottle without problems! Breastfeeding is also important for the correct development of the mouth. Because the Teatle encourages breastfeeding and it has been developed to mimic breastfeeding, it will also help your baby grow a beautiful smile. It is not a coincidence that the Teatle was invented by a dentist! 

What about the anti-colic system?

The Teatle is equipped with a very effective and innovative anti-colic system. This is what makes the bottle breath, literally! Give it a look while feeding your baby and you will see for yourself! The anti-colic will allow your baby to feed comfortably and take milk without air. No gas no fuss, it's as simple as that!


I cannot see the option of different flow for the teat, why is that?

The Teatle comes with only one slow flow option. The reason behind that is again the similarity to natural breastfeeding. A natural breast does not have different flow options but as your baby grows and the suction strength increases, it will be possible to drink milk faster. The baby will find the right pace as it occurs naturally.

Sometimes baby bottles are difficult to use or to clean. Is the Teatle fiddly?

We have tried to make it as simple as possible! The Teatle is super simple because it's only made up of 3 pieces. You have just to screw the teat on the top of the bottle, the anti-colic system at the bottom and the Teatle will be ready to use. Forget big instruction booklets and dull YouTube videos, feeding your baby should not be rocket science right?


Is the Teatle safe for my baby?

Yes it is! The well-being of babies is what drives us and we take health and safety very seriously. The Teatle complies with strict quality standards and it's made of non toxic premium materials (polypropylene, silicone and stainless steel) completely BPA, phthalates and PVC free.


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