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Changing the world of baby bottles


The Teatle is a start-up project aimed at the creation of a new generation of baby bottles TRULY inspired by natural breastfeeding.

The idea behind the Teatle was developed by the CEO and founder of the project, Dr Antonio Tarsia, a dentist with a former education as a researcher. Studying the impact of the modern lifestyle in connection to the development of the mouth, Dr Tarsia learned about the benefit of breastfeeding and how it encourages the growth of a beautiful and harmonic smile. On the contrary, common baby bottles do not provide the same benefit to the growth of babies and quite often they also create “nipple confusion” which might lead to the refusal of either the bottle or the breast. Despite the huge number of different products claiming all sorts of different features and benefits for babies, the way baby bottles are built has not changed much over the past decades.

Why not make something different?

Starting from fundamental concepts regarding the relationship between the function of any organ of the body and its shape, Dr Tarsia imagined a baby bottle with a texture and shape close enough to a natural breast to provide a more natural alternative and overcome the problems related to common baby bottles. A few days later when talking to some friends about the idea one of them said out of nowhere “if it’s halfway between a teat and a bottle, it’s The Teatle!”. It made perfect sense!


With the name sorted, Dr Tarsia started to build the first prototypes working countless hours at night whilst maintaining his daytime job as a dentist. Supported by family and friends, he finally managed to bring to life this unique and innovative baby bottle that will change the world of baby bottles for the better

The Teatle is manufactured by a family-run business located in a green area close to Cardiff in Wales. This well-established company specializes in the production of high-quality products mostly in the medical field. They are proud to work at the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and safety.


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