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Does the teat of the Teatle fit on other baby bottles?

No. Because of its unique design, the teat of the Teatle fits only on our bottle.


How do you sterilize the Teatle?

The Teatle is microwave and dishwasher safe and it can be sterilized with steam sterilizers, microwave sterilizers, UV sterilizers, boiling water and cold water (chemical sterilization).


What is the Teatle made of?

The Teatle is made of premium silicone and polypropylene, BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free. The Teatle complies with all the current safety standards.


Which age range is the Teatle recommended for?

The Teatle comes in two flow options, slow and fast. The slow flow is recommended for babies from 0-3 months, while the fast flow is for babies older than 3 months. Because every baby is different, please take these numbers just as a reference. Breastfed babies tend to prefer slow-flow teats because they are used to the milk flow at the breast. If your baby is exclusively breastfed at the breast, they will probably be happy with a slow flow even if older than 3 months.

Where do you ship the Teatle?

We are currently selling and shipping in the UK only. We will soon expand in the European and US market, so stay in touch!

My baby is struggling with conventional baby bottles, will the Teatle work?

In our experience, The Teatle has proven to be more successful than other products in cases of bottle aversion or bottle refusal. Baby bottle refusal is however a tricky problem which can be complicated by behavioural issues that might take more time and patience to be solved. Please contact us if you want to have more information and advice, our team is always happy to help!

How do I return the bottle?

You can find our return policy on the website at the address

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