What mums say about us

Here are some stories of families and a special baby bottle that helped them along the way.

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Elena and Sofia

We had mixed feelings about baby bottles. We were afraid that a bottle would disrupt breastfeeding, but on the other hand, we really needed a reliable product to help us from time to time. When we saw the Teatle, we immediately thought that it's completely different from anything else we had ever seen. The Teatle looked very natural, much like a breast and we wanted to try it. It was an instant success with the baby (she loves the soft nipple!) and we never had a problem with breastfeeding.

Karli and Kobi

Well, I’m not sure how but you’ve gone and done it! It’s crazy I’ve never felt anything like it but little Kobi has drunk from a bottle!! 


Kamila and Dominik

My 6 months son was exclusively breastfed and never managed to take a bottle. I had to return to work and the struggle was real. I was interested in trying the Teatle because it really looks like a natural breast and I hoped that it could help my baby to accept a baby bottle.

The Teatle made the trick!

My son was immediately very interested in the Teatle and it latched on it soon and very naturally.

I was very relieved because all the problems we had with other baby bottles disappeared instantly with the Teatle. Now it's his favourite baby bottle and I can go to work without worrying about him being fed!

Sarah and Louis

My little boy absolutely loves the teatle. After 6 months of battling to get him onto a bottle, no other bottle would do! The home from home feel, the softness of the teat and its innovative technology from the teat puts the baby back into control. I was optimistic from the beginning but had my doubts but it’s amazing. Thank you teatle! You really did save us from all our troubles. 


Giorgia and Luca

The Teatle has been a great help for us. We wanted a baby bottle that could help to feed the baby without problems.  He has been breastfed and we wanted a bottle very close to what he liked. The Teatle seemed to be perfect and it has not disappointed us! It's a very good idea and the product is easy to use, and solid. We have noticed any leakage or any other issue with that.

I definitely recommend it!