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Why is the Teatle different? The REALATCH™ technology and the “good mouthful”

Why the Teatle is the real alternative to common baby bottles, and why this matters for you and your baby.

how to breastfed
Functioning of breastfeeding

We built the Teatle around the idea that the latch is what makes the real difference for the baby, so we took inspiration from nature to create the unique and innovative REALATCH™ technology, which is closer to a natural breast than any other baby bottle ever made to date.

A baby bottle inspired by nature

Just by looking at the Teatle, it is easy to see the striking similarity, but the real surprise comes when you touch it for the first time. Its softness is definitely addictive. During our tests, we have seen countless parents opening their eyes wide with wonder and say “it’s sooo soft!”. We had to ask for the sample back because people were stuck squeezing it like a stress reliever! It might sound funny, but there is some real science behind this product. The texture achievable with the REALATCH™ technology is that close to a natural breast that something similar is used to calibrate hospital equipment for breast imaging (mammography). We have spent our best efforts to create a baby bottle closer to nature that could finally fill the gap between breastfeeding and baby bottles. These two different ways of baby feeding have been helping families over the past 150 years, but their relationship has been marred by problems and incompatibilities.

Baby bottles common problems

A very common issue with baby bottles is the infamous nipple confusion that affects breastfed babies. Nipple confusion can either mean that the baby refuses to get a baby bottle or that the baby doesn't want to go back to the breast after being introduced to the bottle (read our blog post about reverse nursing cycling). A possibly less known problem with baby bottles is linked to the mouth. While it has been scientifically proven that breastfeeding contributes to the correct development of the mouth, standard baby bottles don't have any beneficial impact on babies' mouth growth but, on the contrary, they can cause problems if used for too long.

baby bottle refusal
Does your baby refuse the bottle?

Differences between baby bottle and breastfeeding

Why all these issues? Obviously, there is a great deal of difference between common baby bottles and breastfeeding, but the latch is at the very centre of the problem. The latch is incredibly important when breastfeeding because it means successful feeding for the baby and comfort for the mother. To be effective, the latch needs to be deep. This implies the baby taking a good mouthful of the breast which fills the baby's mouth completely.

breastfeeding latching
Natural breastfeeding latch

In this process, the shape of the breast is changed by the latch and it adjusts to the mouth of the baby. Since every baby is different, the latch is always unique and bespoke. However, this is not a problem because the breast has a texture and shape that can adjust to any baby. The latch on a natural breast is not easy though, it costs a lot of energy and work. A baby needs to make great use of the muscles around the jaws in order to suck from the breast. It's literally a gym for your little one! This physical work makes the mouth grow properly so in the future it will frame a beautiful smile.

Baby bottle nipple flow

Now consider all the baby bottles you have seen so far. Compared to a natural breast, they have a hard nipple and a fixed shape. Babies cannot latch on them like on the breast. Common baby bottles do not change or adapt to your baby, but it's your baby that needs to adjust to them. There are many baby bottle nipple sizes and it isn't easy to choose the right one. For instance, it might be too big and make the baby gag, or too small to allow efficient feeding. This is the reason why sometimes parents have to try tons of different baby bottles before finding the right one. Since the latch is also different and there isn't much muscular job to be made in order to feed, common baby bottles don't promote a correct growth of the mouth.

brest like baby bottle
A baby bottle shaped like a natural breast

Baby bottle nipples like breast

The Teatle will help babies to bottle-feed more naturally because they can get a deep and comfortable latch, similar to the latch they can have on the breast.

Babies will not struggle or get frustrated by the nipple confusion and they won't need to adjust anymore to the bottle, it's the bottle that will fit them. The Teatle will also help parents with breastfeeding and it will take worries away from them.

We genuinely believe that the Teatle is an evolution of the concept of baby bottles, which will make life easier and give a better start to our beloved little ones!  


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