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Help us to build evidence

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We developed the Teatle with a simple goal: to enhance the lives of families by offering them a superior baby bottle. Baby bottles serve as essential tools for parents, providing invaluable support when Mum cannot be present at all times. However, traditional baby bottles have historically diverged significantly from breastfeeding, leading to numerous challenges. Determined to address this disparity, we created the Teatle.

Prior to its launch, extensive testing was conducted to evaluate the Teatle's latch, yielding highly favourable results. Infants consistently demonstrated a comfortable and secure latch on the Teatle, closely resembling the natural breastfeeding latch.

Now, we seek to expand our understanding further and are reaching out for assistance.


We are inviting families to participate in a study aimed at exploring the similarity between the Teatle's latch and the latch experienced during breastfeeding. Your participation would be invaluable in this endeavour, and we would greatly appreciate your involvement in advancing our research.

How to participate
To participate in the study you need to submit a short video (At least 30 seconds long) of the baby feeding from the bottle by sending it to or WhatsApp it to us at 07361 884836.  
It is important we can clearly see the baby feeding from it, so please make sure that the latch is visible (this can easily be achieved by shooting the video from the side, like in the picture below). 


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