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Help us to build evidence

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We built the Teatle with one idea: to make families' lives easier by providing them with a better baby bottle. Baby bottles are very useful and sometimes indispensable tools for parents. If mom cannot be around all the time, a reliable bottle can be a lifesaver. Traditionally baby bottles have been very different from breastfeeding and this has caused many problems. We wanted to change that and this is the reason why we created the Teatle. Before launching the product we did extensive testing to assess the latch on the Teatle with very good results. Babies tend to have a very comfortable and deep latch on the Teatle, more similar to the latch on the natural breast. We want now to take a step forward and make a proper scientific study to prove that and we would love to have your help. 

We are recruiting families happy to take part in this study that will establish how the latch on the Teatle is similar to the latch on the breast. 

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